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Friday, August 6, 2010

These things are like little drops of acid on my legs.

I went camping about three days ago, and got bitten by mosquitoes all over my legs. Climbing on sharp rocks didn't make anything better, either. These things hurt like hell yesterday. Thank goodness that they've dried now. D: Well, it was fun, anyway. Except the whole "sleeping in a tent with people surrounding you from both sides, feeling really uncomfortable since the sleeping bag makes you slip on the tent's floor towards another person and not being able to move since you'll wake them up" thing. I think I ate too much marshmallows. Oh oh! A girl I met on our lot told me about this nice anime called "Sugar Sugar Rune". Supposedly, it's about two withes, Chocolat and Vanilla, who are trying to clean human hearts or something. Eh, I'll watch it later. As well as 16 other anime. =A="

To watch list:

Love Hina
Darker than Black
Code Geass
Fooly Cooly (FLCL)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Soul Eater
Gankutsuou: The count of Montekristo
Hell Girl
Sugar Sugar Rune
5 Centimetres per Second
There She Is!!!
Togainu no Chi
Cromartie High School  

Help I can't do this. D': Psstpstt Gintama sucks.

Eh... Is it weird that I can't get into Pokemon Platinum, but I have 6 badges on Leafgreen? D: And a  legitimate shiny Doduo. :'''D 

This is awesome:


Oh Keisuke you so crazy. OuO Literally. 

Aw crap I need to cut my nails. *gets nail clipper* *cuts nails* I messed up.

I laugh about stupid things and it's fun. I got accused of sniffing glue once by my previous gym teacher. D':

Well, I'm done now. Thanks for reading this. :)


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