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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going to the library soon...

I just decided to update this quickly before I go. I keep reading these days. Reading, reading, pokemon, pokemon, pokemon, food, pokemon, animal crossing, reading, drawing, drawing, reading, reading, food, pokemon, drawing, food, laptop, pokemon, reading, drawing, reading, sleep. That's how my day usually goes now. Pretty monotonous, huh. :( Well, anyway. You might ask: "But what are you reading, anyway?" In that case, I'll tell you. I usually sign out anything that has a nice cover, good art, or starts with volume one. If it has art too good to ignore, but starts from volume 6 or 24, I'll still sign it out. Right now, I finished reading "Girl Got Game" or "Power!!" by Seino Shizuru. Surprisingly enough, I really like it. I'll probably continue reading it. I was also really surprised at the voice acting for Kenshin. In the first Rurouni Kenshin, of course. He sounds like he's 12. Just see for yourself.

Seriously, I imagined his voice to be deeper when reading the manga. ._.

So yeah. Also, "Natsume's Book of Friends" is a really good manga. Or anime. Whichever you prefer. Watch or read it, as long as you know about it. It's amazing. :D

Oh god, I am so excited about Pokemon Black and White. :'D 3D!!! YEAH!!! WILD CHARMANDERS!!! YEAH!!! 3 ON 3 BATTLES!!! YEAH!!! FULLY-ANIMATED IN-BATTLE SPRITES!!!!! YEEAAAAH!!!!! Okay, maybe that's too much. ._.

It rained for three days straight here. :D I love rain. It was really cold, though. :( And my Dad eats Nutella with a spoon, while drinking tea made using two teabags. That's not very healthy. =n= Anyway, I'll have to say bye for now, since you probably have things to do. Go on now, do what you need to. I won't keep you here any longer. ... Bye now. Go away and stop staring at the page. ... AUGH, HERE. WASTE YOUR TIME.

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