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Friday, September 17, 2010


...is a very nice song. Haha. I'm playing The World Ends With You right now. I love it so much. :'D Also, sorry for not posting here in the past weeks... I got kind of, uh, absorbed in school, haha... Well, putting that aside, Pokemon Black and White is finally out! :D Obviously people didn't wait for the english release and just ripped the rom to experiance it earler. XD Well, I did too, but I'll buy it later, I swear. ._. And the game froze at Prof. Ivy's lab, anyway.

Oh, and speaking of school, this guy from gr. 7 come's up to me today and he's like: "I heard you're bisexual. Are you?"
Not being too surprised at hearing that, I responded with a "Yeah," thinking it would just peacefully end the conversation. But no, this guy starts being all homophobic and makes it look like I'm trying to rape him. Geez, I hate it when people do that. It annoys the living hell out of me. >A> And how does he even know me? I've never talked to him or anything. ._.

Alright, so, after that, it all went to hell since they told me to get away from them, and after lunch my stomach felt like it weighed 130482349 tons, so I had to go home. Great day..! OTL

Alright, bye. I really wanna just continue listening to this song. A lot.

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