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Saturday, October 2, 2010



My dad and I went to Aeropostale today and bought a messenger bag that was on sale. I love it so much I can't even describe it. Even the color is perfect (It's clay.)! Now I can carry my manga and school stuff in it. :D Yay! I also got myself a new pair of jeans since the old ones were getting too small for me. Aeropostale jeans are so cheap. ._.

*sigh* So, I'm currently trying to beat the final boss in TWEWY... I'm level 45 or so, but now I have to grind and get new pins since it's impossible to win with my old ones. (Eyes full of Light, Ice Blow, Sexy Beam, Cure Drink.) The ones I'll use will be: Rhyme Noise, Playmate Beam, Flower of Flame, and Peace Full. Ah... I don't know... Is that a good idea? I mean, Flower of Flame doesn't do much, but maybe Flower of Fire will? Wait... *quickly turns on DS* *TWEWY* GODDAMMIT I EARNED 1 SD PP NOW I CAN'T EVOLVE FLOWER OF FLAME F*CKFU*CKF*CK- Tiiiiiiime to change those pins! Suggestions..? Anyone..? [no comments, as always] ;_;

Seriously, though, I love this bag so much. I've been looking for one since the beginning of summer. I'll go and be awesome with my bag, then. Bye.

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